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What We do 


  • Garden maintenance

    Whether you have a large common garden area or a residential garden regular garden maintenance is the most efficient way to keep your garden looking its best. Even an occasional maintenance service will help keep your garden looking great!

  • General garden clean ups

    It does not matter if your garden is at its best or not, we can weed, prune, mulch and clear rubbish to create new garden possibilities.

  • Property management

    Managing agents call upon us regularly to maintain the gardens of rental properties on a ongoing basis or between leases to prevent them becoming overgrown or out of control

  • Real Estate Sales Presentation

    Your garden and landscape appearance is an important factor in the pre sale presentation of your property. We can add colour to your garden, carry out landscape repairs and intensive maintenance visits to keep your property looking its best. We may be able to assist with relocating your favourite potted plants to your new home.

  • Strata gardens

    We have an extensive list of common strata gardens we maintain. We can help to conduct garden development planning in the early stages to advise on low maintenance plant selections, tree care and general maintenance considerations.

Landscape Design & Construction  

  • Consultation and Design

    We can provide a free 1/2 hour quote to discuss your garden or can provide a consultation service to assist with design and appropriate plant selection

Design Process INVOLVES 

  • Site analysis and assessment
  • Consideration of design feature required and restrictions of site and budget
  • Design refinement
  • Construction Plan
  • Landscape Construction

    Careful structural consideration should be give to the hard landscaping in the garden. It is important to have the right qualified advice when deciding on these features such as retaining walls, paths and paved areas which will form the structure of your garden.

  • Paving

    We can install and repair all types of paving surfaces.

Other Services  

  • Irrigation

    Investing in a suitable irrigation system in the initial design can often mean the difference between success and failure of your landscape plantings in the long term. We can adjust and extend irrigation into new landscaped areas or service irrigation systems and repair breakdowns and failures.

  • Small Trees

    We are qualified to prune or remove your small trees up to 5 metres. We can advise you on council tree preservation requirements and suitable replacement trees as well as general tree care issues and transplanting

  • Garden weed and pest control

    Let us advise you on the most effective controls for invasive weeds, pest and weed control programs including the use of ecological controls such as integrating predatory insects for pest control and other organic approaches and products.

  • Turf

    We can create a new lawn for you or renovate and repair your existing lawn. We can advise you on appropriate weed control and feeding regimes to keep your lawn looking its best.

Horticultural Tradesman Service has been operating in the inner west of Sydney for 20 years.

What We Do